Sheine Our Renowned Nail Technician

Introducing Sheine, a dedicated nail technician with a rich background in cosmetology.

Sheine’s journey in the beauty industry is marked by her Diploma in Cosmetology with a major in Nail Care from Lorraine Technological School in Pampanga, Philippines. Her career spans over a decade, with significant experience at esteemed salons such as Al Asawer, A.Vivi Salon, and Plume Salon.
Sheine’s expertise lies in an array of nail care services, including builder, polygel, nail art, manicures, and pedicures. Her unique techniques and treatments set her apart, showcasing her artistic and creative abilities. Sheine stays on top of industry trends and techniques through attending seminars, watching YouTube tutorials, and drawing inspiration from Instagram, ensuring her clients receive the most current and fashionable nail care.
Her approach to client relations is grounded in a friendly and tactful manner, patience, and exceptional listening skills. Sheine believes in building trust and understanding through open client-staff communication, a strategy that has helped her develop a loyal client base. Her ability to connect with clients on a personal level is evidenced by their openness and trust, which Sheine considers one of her greatest achievements.
While Sheine has not participated in beauty or hair shows, her career highlights include the satisfaction and trust she earns from her clients. Recently, she has enhanced her skills further by attending a Max Braga Italy training for acrylics and polygel at the Radisson Blue Hotel. Always eager to grow, Sheine is currently focusing on expanding her knowledge in nail art and nail design.
Sheine’s passion for nail care goes beyond just a profession; it fulfills her artistic inclinations while supporting her family. The beauty industry for her is not just about aesthetics; it’s about meeting new people, understanding different perspectives, and making meaningful connections. Her professional aspirations include mastering her craft and gaining recognition for her exceptional work.

Experience the artistry and dedication of Sheine's nail services and see why she is a valued member of our team, committed to bringing beauty and satisfaction to every client she serves.

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