Kuum Hair treatment expert & hair stylist

Kuum, a multifaceted stylist and beauty expert, brings a unique blend of talent and passion to our salon.

Her journey in the beauty industry began with comprehensive training at the India Training Beauty Center, where she mastered a diverse range of hair and beauty care techniques.
Having enriched her skills at prestigious salons like Jazy and Joy Salon and Miss Platinum, Kuum is not only highly skilled but also recognized with certifications and awards that speak to her excellence in the beauty industry.
Her expertise encompasses a wide array of services including hair waving, professional blow drying, face threading, and specialized hair treatments. She is particularly renowned for her skill in creating perfect eyebrows.
Kuum’s approach to staying ahead in the industry involves actively keeping up with the latest trends and techniques through platforms like Instagram. This ensures that her clients always receive the most current and fashionable treatments. Her commitment to client satisfaction is evident in her warm greetings, patience, and dedication to understanding each client’s unique needs. This approach has helped her build a strong and loyal client base.
Her career highlights include the deep satisfaction and loyalty she has garnered from her customers. While she has not yet participated in beauty or hair shows, Kuum takes immense pride in all her work, viewing each service as an opportunity to showcase her exceptional skills and dedication.
Committed to professional development, Kuum regularly attends workshops and seminars to further enhance her knowledge and skills. Her personal aspirations reflect a deep-seated passion for hair and beauty, driven by a lifelong dream to excel in hairdressing. Kuum’s goal is to continuously grow as a professional, expanding her client base and thriving in a team environment.

Kuum's philosophy is centered around finding joy in her work and sharing that joy through exceptional beauty services. Experience the skill, creativity, and warmth that Kuum brings to every appointment, and see how she transforms each client experience into something truly special.

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