Sahiti Front Desk Administrator

Sahiti excels as the Customer Service Manager at Dashe Beauty, bringing a unique blend of skills from her diverse background in recruitment, salon management, and healthcare administration. Passionate about enhancing the beauty industry, Sahiti integrates her deep understanding of client relations with innovative service solutions, consistently improving customer experiences at Dashe Beauty.
Prior to her current role, Sahiti developed her expertise across various customer-centric positions, from managing complex client interactions as a recruiter at FIFO Solutions to overseeing daily operations as a receptionist at Green Trends Salon. Her proficiency extends to specialized beauty treatments, including certifications in laser technology, chemical peeling, and cosmetic procedures, enriching her ability to serve and uplift Dashe Beauty’s clientele. At Dashe Beauty, Sahiti is known for her dedication to superior service and her continuous pursuit of operational excellence. She plays a pivotal role in maintaining high standards of customer care and actively contributes innovative ideas to advance the salon’s service offerings. Her leadership ensures that every client interaction is not just satisfactory but truly memorable, bolstering Dashe Beauty’s reputation as a leader in the beauty sector.

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