Dashka Master Of Transformation

At Dashe Beauty, we pride ourselves on having the crème de la crème of beauty artisans, and Dashka stands among the finest as our revered Hairdresser and Colorist. Born on the 11th of March 2000 in the heart of Kyrgyzstan, Dashka’s journey in beauty and aesthetics began at KSU I.Arabaev, where she honed her innate flair for style and emerged with a profound understanding of beauty treatments that she would go on to perfect in her career.
Dashka’s hands are touched with the rare ability to transform; she specializes in high-quality color, custom cuts, and extensions that don’t just change the way her clients look but revolutionize how they feel. Each strand of hair is a thread in the tapestry of her clients’ renewed confidence and self-expression.
Her career blossomed early with significant roles at esteemed salons such as SALON VOGUE in Bishkek and BROWLASH in Kuwait, where she distinguished herself as a Permanent Makeup Artist and Hairdresser. Since September 2023, Dashka has been the cornerstone of GLAMOUR UP SALON, enchanting clients with her skill in microblading, lips blushing, hair tattooing, tattoo removal, and lash and brow lifting. She’s not just a stylist; she’s an artist.
Fluent in Russian and English, Dashka bridges cultural nuances with ease, crafting a universal language of beauty that resonates with every client she meets. Her personal touch extends beyond the salon chair, reflecting her devotion to communication, teamwork, and service.
Dashe Beauty is not just a place of work for Dashka—it’s a stage where her passion for the artistry of beauty shines brightly, inspiring both her clients and colleagues. Her journey with us is a testament to her commitment to excellence, her desire for continuous growth, and her undying passion for making the world a more beautiful place—one client at a time.
Outside of Dashe Beauty, Dashka indulges in the joys of life through travel, reading, and staying active with swimming and gym sessions—further reflecting the dynamism and balance she brings to her professional craft.
Dashka’s presence at Dashe Beauty is more than an asset; it’s a beacon of inspiration and a promise to each client that walks through our doors that they are in the hands of a true master of transformation.

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