Asma Operations Manager at Dashe Beauty

Asma stands at the forefront of operational innovation and strategic leadership within the competitive beauty industry of Kuwait. Holding a Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting from Cairo University, Asma has continuously advanced her skills through extensive leadership and banking operations training. Prior to joining Dashe Beauty, she amassed over a decade of experience at HSBC, where she excelled in roles that spanned from Corporate Trainer to Manager Operations for Cash & Cheque within HSBC Global Operations. Her tenure at HSBC has been marked by achievements in process centralization, optimization of recruitment processes, and cultivation of a high-performance staff culture.
At Dashe Beauty, Asma leverages her profound expertise to elevate the customer experience, both in-salon and online. She has been pivotal in refining operational practices that enhance service delivery, ensuring that every client interaction is seamless and of the highest standard. Her strategic acumen and keen insights into operational efficiency have significantly uplifted the salon’s service quality, establishing Dashe Beauty as a model of excellence in Kuwait’s beauty sector. Additionally, Asma’s background in beauty, honed through her experience in Egypt, enables her to merge international best practices with local market needs. Her leadership ensures that Dashe Beauty’s online store operates flawlessly, providing an exceptional and consistent shopping experience that mirrors the luxury and attention to detail found in the salon. Asma’s commitment to operational excellence and customer satisfaction continues to propel Dashe Beauty towards new heights, setting new standards for luxury and quality in the beauty industry.

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