Sara Hair color specialist & hair stylist

Meet Sara, a dynamic and innovative hair color specialist, known for her bespoke home dye services and sophisticated salon-based coloring treatments.

Her journey in the beauty industry began with intensive training at Baraka Salon, where she developed a deep understanding of modern hair coloring methods. Sara’s expertise and passion for hair color have been honed through her experiences at esteemed beauty salons, including a notable role at Roro Beauty Salon.
Sara’s professional path is characterized by a relentless commitment to customer satisfaction and creativity in hair dyeing. She is renowned for her ability to provide innovative color solutions, earning a strong customer base through exceptional service and unparalleled expertise. Her skill set was further enhanced by completing a full training course at the L’Oréal Academy, where she learned under the guidance of the renowned trainer Mona.
In her role as a Hair Color Specialist at Roro Beauty Salon, Sara specialized in advanced hair dyeing techniques, gaining recognition for high customer satisfaction. Her tenure at Baraka Salon as a Hairdresser saw her employing the latest in hair coloring practices, further cultivating her reputation for excellent service.
Sara’s skills extend beyond coloring; she is also adept in customer service and consultation, with a knack for creative problem-solving and alternative hair care solutions. She is dedicated to continuously updating her professional knowledge in hair styling, currently focusing on enhancing her hair cutting skills to offer comprehensive styling services.
Her achievements in the field are not just professional but also personal. Driven by a childhood dream to excel in hairdressing, Sara is ambitious to establish ‘Sara Alshaikh’ as a globally recognized brand in hair styling.

Her customer service philosophy revolves around a deep commitment to understanding and meeting customer needs, taking pride in customer gratitude and the resultant referrals.

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